$3 Commission Per Lead + 50% + Prizes [Launch FUN]

Written by Josh Cantwell

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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m paying $3 per webinar registration ON TOP OF 50% Commission ON TOP of LAUNCH GADGET PRIZES!

Good Afternoon $40k Flips & SREC Affiliates,

You are on the promo schedule right??? If not call 440-342-9234 or email mgleba@srecnow.com. www.40kflipsjvblog.com

The $40k Flips Promo re-opens in 1 week. Are you pushing it? You should. Let me tell you why?

1)                  I’m paying you $3 for every Webinar Registration you send us. (**there is one rule so that no scammy affiliate marketers try to game the system – LOL ** see below)

2)                  $40k flips converts like crazy. (7% Webinar conversion and $12+ EPC with previous affiliates

3)                  No commissions run around. (we pay out early (Friday after your promo ends) and often (we paid out 4 times when the last launch ended) so affiliates got paid every month.

4)                  Low refund rate.  We ended up at just 7.4% refund rate…..which is KILLER!!!!!

5)                  Affiliate copy is push button: go to www.40kflipsjvblog.com and all the affiliate wipe is there. We have 3 versions of each email each day so plenty to work with and choose from.

6)                  $3 Commission Per Webinar Registration to affiliates…..I can only do this because I know my numbers……and what each registration is worth……

7)                  Average Customer value per order is $792.13

8)                  24% Upsell conversion rate – which adds to your commissions

9)                  50% on core offer and 50% on all upsells and continuity for life. YEP!

10)               The $40k Flips offer crushes. Numerous affiliates have said it’s their best converting affiliate offer in the past 12 months. $12+ EPC’s, 5-7% Conversion + Upsells, 7.4% refund rate. Can’t beat it! We are re-launching $40k Flips between April 28th and May 19th. Those are the dates we are opening for affiliate webinars. We are shutting down May 19th and our first live class will be May 20th.

11)               You are on the promo schedule right??? If not call 440-342-9234 or email mgleba@srecnow.com. www.40kflipsjvblog.com

12)               These champions are already “locked and loaded” for the April re-opening of $40k Flips: Bryan Ellis, John Cochran, Daniil Kleyman, Sal Buscemi, JP Vaughan, Mike MacDougal (NIRE), Cody Sperber, Jack Bosch, Mike Warren, Jason Lucchesi, Cam Dunlap, Wealth Classes, Ryan Coisson, Kevin Driscoll, Kylie Hatch, Jarad Severe, and many others.

13)               If you have a crushing offer let us know please. We’d like to promote you. We regularly do 100k+ promotions for affiliates. Our list is over 230,000. Let me know what you have and how it converts and we will consider hitting it asap.

Josh Cantwell, 216-23-5448 or jcantwell@srecnow.com

Mike Gleba (VP M&S) call 440-342-9234 or email mgleba@srecnow.com.

….and The Strategic Real Estate Coach & $40k Flips Team


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