Here’s What The $40k Flips Training is Going To Do For You!

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Attention: Investors, Rehabbers, Contractors, Wholesalers, Landlords

Put An End To The Confusion and Frustration


Discover A System for Big Profit, Quick Cash Flips that Never Changes.  Learn How To Consistently Flip Houses EVERY MONTH…And Bank an Average of $40,000 PER DEAL without any of your own Cash, Credit or Bank Loans!

Revolutionary Free Training Reveals Done For You 100% Funding and Step By Step Flipping System For Cashing In on Highly Lucrative Properties…That You Can Deploy Anytime You Want In Any Market!

• Discover How To Virtually Guarantee That Any House You Have Gets Sold At A Profit, So You Know That You're Going to Make Money Every Single Time…

• Unlock Our System For Finding The Absolute Best Deals BEFORE The Rest Of The World Sees Them, So You've Always Got Access To The "Deal Of The Century," Regardless Of What The Economy Is Doing…

• Show You The EXACT Blueprint To How We Made $1,663,000 In The Past 28 months Focusing ONLY On Properties We Could Make $40k Each OR MORE And Using None Of My Own Cash Or Credit.

• Show you the EXACT Blueprint of How We’ve funded over 100+ client deals in the past year creating over $5,000,000 in Profits for my Students and Clients.

• Proof That All The Cheap, “Asset & Property Based Funding” You’ll Ever Need To Fund Your Deals Is Easily Accessible And Right In Front Of You. (My Private Equity Fund: Freeland Fund I, II & III) So You Can Make Offers With Confidence.

• Get a $500,000 Verifiable Proof of Funds Letter for Making Offers and Flipping.

• See Successful Case Studies Of Houses That I'm Flipping Right Now, So You Can See And Copy Exactly What's Working In Today's Market in May 2016.

• Deals like 2227 7th Street that I acquired for $62,000 and Flipped for $140,400 walking away with $34,100 in net profits.

• And more deals like Southwest Ave We bought for $63,000 and Sold for $184,000 making over $50,438 dollars in net profits.

• Discover The System That Has Worked For YEARS Of Putting Big Paydays Into My Pocket (Over 700 Times!) And Will NEVER, Ever Change, No Matter What Happens To The Economy, The Government, Or Your Life…

• Access ALL the cash you need to fund your deals…no money down, 100% financing from my Private Equity Funds, Freeland Fund I, II & III.

• Easily duplicate the 47 REAL DEAL Case Studies I’ll show you…in number by number detail.

• WHY You've Been Believing THE BIGGEST LIE In Real Estate, And Why The Truth Is Going to Put Money In Your Pocket Faster Than You Knew Possible!

• Take the strategies I give you and IMMEDIATELY use them in your own business starting tomorrow.

• PLUS… Be FIRST IN LINE To Join The $40k Flips Master Class (Spots Will Be VERY Limited!)

• Ramp up to 3-6 deals a month…in a matter of months • Create a steady stream of deals right to your doorstep • Get access to over 51 resources for finding deals • Tap into all the cash you want to fund your flips…ZERO out of pocket • Close $40K+ deals on EVERY deal…and say goodbye to the skimpy deals • Automate your marketing so you don’t have to lift a finger • Attract a waiting list of buyers chomping to get at your flips • Raise funding capital at will using this proprietary technique • Do deals from scratch by simply duplicating over a dozen detailed REAL DEAL case studies • And SO much more.
  1. Show You The EXACT Blueprint To How We Made $1,989,386 In The Past 37 Months Focusing ONLY On Properties We Could Make $40k Each OR MORE  And Using None Of My Own Cash Or Credit.
  2. Proof That All The Cheap, No Income, No Asset, No Credit Check, Capital  You’ll Ever Need To Fund Your Deals Is Easily Accessible And Right In Front Of You. (You Just Don’t Know Where To Look)  So You Can Make Offers With Confidence.
  3. How I Really Buy 3-6 Houses A Month For 30-40  Cents On The Dollars In Great Upper Middle Class Neighborhoods And Flip Every One Of Them For $30,000 To $70,000 Profits.
  4. How You Get An Average Of $42,300 Cash Back At Closing When You Buy Houses
  5. How You Get Paid An Average Of $3,800 When You  Buy A House
  6. The Automated Offer Formula You’ll Use To Bid On Every Home Without Ever Seeing Them.
  7. What An Accepted Offer Looks Like (Show Me The Money Baby).
  8. What You’ll Do With An Accepted Offer To Make $40,000 To $80,000 To $100,000 (Example Inside From Student Kyle) To $200,000 (Example Inside From Student Scott)  On Every Deal.
  9. How To Launch And Sell These Homes In 90 Minutes Or Less.
  10. Things To Watch Out For In The Market Right Now.
  11. Who The $40k Flips System And Business Is For And Not For!
  12. Proof That This Business Is 100% Automated For Me And Now You.
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