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Done For You “Private Capital” Systems, Equity
Partnering with Strategic Freedom Funding and the
“$40k Flips” 7 Week Coaching System Practically
Guarantees Your Success Flipping Foreclosures for $40k
Profits without using any of your own money and
without having any trade skills whatsoever.

$40K Flips
$995 (1-Pay)
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In This 7 Week Ground Breaking Online Live Coaching
Workshop, You Will Discover How To...

- Build An Automated $40,000 Flipping Business
In Less Than 7 Weeks
With The Most Powerful BIG PROFIT Training & Coaching
We Have Ever Created.

- Use The “Done For You” Capital Raising System,
The Done for You Equity Partner Funding &
27 Unknown Foreclosure Flipping Insider
Secrets to Achieve Massive Success
By The Time You Take EASTER Vacation…

Dear Friend & Future $40k Flips Success Story,

Everything you thought you knew about making money in real estate has changed. Right now, at this very moment, real estate is transitioning into a new phase.

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT.. that doesn’t freaking matter one bit…

Because the $40k Flips System works in any market, at any time, in any economic climate, and it never changes.

$40k Flips has been working for the past 40 years….it’s been working for me for the past 9 years….. it’s been working for my platinum coaching clients for the past 7 years (since I started my coaching program) and IT WILL WORK FOR YOU TOO. I guarantee It! See My No Risk, No Fail 100% Guarantee at the Bottom of this page!

Look at these VERY recent deals we’ve closed!

Imagine yourself receiving paydays like these:

  • 1473 Lakewood Ave we bought for $40,000 and we’re flipping for $180,000…a $40k Flip.
  • 5309 Lindford Ave in Canton Ohio we acquired as a bank owned house for just $55,000 and just 43 cents on the dollar and we’ve sold for $153,000…a $50,000 Flip!
  • 5636 Fairland Ave we bought from for $27,000 and we’ll sell for $119,000…a $40k Flip.
  • 1297 Steve Dr that we acquired for $50,000 and SOLD on Jan 7th 2014 for a $38,000 PROFIT.
  • 907 School drive we just bought for $54,000 using none of own cash or credit and will flip for $139,900 a $40k Flip.
  • 2312 Iota Drive we bought for $53,000 and Sold on January 7th 2014 or $139,900….A $38,000 Profit Flip.
  • 3954 Homestead Ave. we just bought for just $41,500 with none of our own
    money. We SOLD this one on for $124,900.  A $32k FLIP!!!
  • 2713 Massillon Rd we bought for $54,299 and Sold for $137,000 ...a $36,000 Profit.
  • 951 Wall Drive we bought for $54,299 and will flip for $139,900 and a $41,000 Profit.
  • 2179 Pamer we acquired for $46,500 and are selling for $139,900….a $44k Flip!
  • 1355 Keystone we acquired for $43,000 and will renovate and flip for $145,000 for a $38,000 profit.
  • 770 Dunbar Ave we just bought for $51,400 and we’re flipping for $144,900…...a $43,000 profit flip.
  • 1171 Gardner Rd. we purchased with none of our own money for $56,904 and we SOLD on August 11th 2013 for $136,000.  A $41,490 FLIP!!
  • 2284 Bailey Rd. we bought for $31,000 and SOLD on September 9th 2013 for $95,000.  A $28,000 FLIP!!!
  • 5494 Main St. was once worth over $150,000. We just bought it for $52,000 with none of our own money and we sold for $114,000 in July 2013.  A $32k FLIP!!!
  • 38 Edgewood Dr we are buying for $41,000 and sold for $90,000 . A $18k FLIP!!!!
  • 7493 Ballash Rd Sold for $139,000 in January 2000. I just bought it for $52,000 with none of our own money and sold it in JULY 2013 for $142,000. a $40k FLIP!!!!
  • 193 Heights Dr. was once appraised for $155,000. We just bought it for $45,000 with none of our own money and sold it for $124,900 in March 2013 A $37,710 Flip!!!!!
  • 3332 Marmore once sold for $75,000. I bought for $30,000, with none of our own money, did practically nothing to it and sold for $55,000.  A  $19,500 FLIP!!!
  • 8973 Fairpark Ave we bought for $46,000 with none of our own money and sold for$126,000 in April 2013. A $40k FLIP!!!
  • 8575 Melody Lane we bought for $58,000 with none of our own money and sold for full asking price (in 90 minutes no less) of $149,900 in May 2013.  A $49k FLIP!!!
  • I bought 9760 Ridge Rd with none of my own money for $76,000 and sold for $139,900 in June 2013. A $40k FLIP!!!
  • 3331 Myersville rd we bought for $46,000 and sold it for $134,900. A $49,000 FLIP!!!
  • 4904 S Hametown Rd I bought for $35,000 and sold for $107,500. A $40k FLIP!!!
  • 1467 Sunny acres once was worth over $151,000. We bought it for $53,500 with none of our own money and then re-sold it for $124,900, making over $40,400 net profit after all expenses.  A $40k FLIP!!!
  • Plus dozens more… IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS!!!!!!!

Real estate opportunities are popping up at ALARMING rates… and investors like me have been making a financial killing as a result.

Want Proof??

Here you go… this report below shows 35 $40k flips that Josh and Mark Cantwell found, flipped and sold for an average of $40k profits using none of their own cash or credit. We scooped them up for pennies on the dollar and turned them into BIG $40,000 paydays. Plus... We did this all with NONE OF OUR MONEY, NONE OF OUR OWN CREDIT, and without doing any of the work ourselves...

Take a look…

So what EXACTLY am I offering you? How can you get started improving your financial life today doing $40k Flips?

My Brother Mark and I Have Decided To Team Up To Teach Our Little Known, Best Kept Secrets That Reveal How To Make A Monsoon Of Money Flipping Distressed Homes for $40,000 a pop.

We Want To Invite You To Join Us In The Most Powerful
We Have Ever Teamed Up to Create…
Where We Will Teach You Every Single Detail,
Every Secret And Every Step Of The $40k Flips System.

Want More Proof That $40k Flips Is A Game Changer For You & The People You Care About?
Take A Look Below At What Our Initial Members Said About The Coaching Program…


“Thankyou so much for this fantastic class! -You have all been awesome Josh! -I am forever grateful!! --so thankful I have been able to go back and re-listen to each session carefully...Unbelievable! You have been such a great "Professor"!! With a fabulous team! Thankyou once again!”  

~ Jan Elliott


“Although I have been rehabbing part time for the past 4 years, this was a great program and well worth the fee. I learned a great deal.” 

~ Al Castro


“I second that. I had my share of trying other courses and ending up frustrated and nothing to show for. THIS IS THE BEST.”

~ Anna Estes


“I am extremely thankful to be part of the 40k flip program. Your plan has changed my financial future! I am also thankful for all the amazing content.”

~ Darel Long


“Josh has so much content to share. This is unbelievable. The marvelous reality is that he also answers our questions, giving us tools to work on our own success. His allowance for us to retake the classes whenever he is teaching it gave us no excuse to fail. I love the course. It is priceless! Thanks again to Josh, his brother Mark and the dedicated team in all of their work.”

~ Margaret Justinich

$40K Flips
$995 (1-Pay)
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Here’s what we will cover when you join us in The $40k Flips 7 Week Live Coaching Program.

The Hands On, No Fail, Coaching Program begins TODAY…

Check out the agenda here...

LIVE QUICK START CLASS: "Finding and Funding Deals" - Tuesday May 19

This class is set up to show you exactly how to profit from $40k flips.I will walk you thru the entire 7 week training and coaching program, walk you thru the classes, curriculum and members site and get you ready to blast off using the best real estate coaching program ever created.


Right off the bat, we’ll hit you in the nose with the ONE BIG SECRET... You’ll discover how you can generate at least $40,000 profit on each rehab without EVER swinging a hammer or using any of your own money.

You’ll discover how to AUTOMATE this process so that it runs with minimal involvement, allowing you to live your life as you please while the flips come in over... and over... and over again.

PLUS... you'll see EXAMPLES of houses that we are profiting on *right now.*

You’ll discover...

  • How to *force* appreciation into your houses with some simple changes that you never have to do yourself...
  • Give yourself the option of taking a quick, fast payday, or pushing towards the BIG payday - right off the bat!
  • How to have your competition “feed you” the best deals, and generate $40k paydays without EVER swinging a hammer!


If COACHING CLASS 1 wasn’t enough all by itself, Coaching class 2 will have you ready to action immediately. You’ll discover how to have other people *beating down your door* to fund your $40k flip deals... even though they let you keep the lion’s share of the profits. This is how I have funded almost every single one of my deals for the past five years, and you’ll quickly see why you need to do it, too.

You’ll discover...

  • How to *force* appreciation into your houses with some simple changes that you never have to do yourself...
  • Give yourself the option of taking a quick, fast payday, or pushing towards the BIG payday - right off the bat!
  • How to have your competition “feed you” the best deals, and generate $40k paydays without EVER swinging a hammer!


There’s a little-known secret in the real estate world... it’s a secret source of capital that almost no one knows about - and it’s sitting right under your nose. It’s sitting in IRA’s. In this earth-shattering class, you’ll discover how you may be sitting on top of the biggest source of private funding that you’ll ever need to do your $40k Flips.

You’ll discover...

  • Learn the power of Tax Free wealth building for yourself and your private investors thru Roth IRA’s...
  • Don’t have an IRA? NO PROBLEM! You’ll see how self employed sales reps, business owners and “regular folks” absolutely NEED you to invest their retirement cash into your $40k Flips.
  • MEET the President of America’s #1 Self Direct IRA Custodian and learn the insider secrets straight from the expert!


If you aren’t drowning in cash after Classes 2 and 3, we’ll dump more capital on you in Class 4, where you’ll discover the *alternative* (that means “hush hush”) ways to get all the cash you need for your $40k Flips. Once we’re through this module together, you’ll never have to spend a single dime on a real estate deal, and you’ll be able to do as many as you want over... and over... and over again.

You’ll discover...

  • The standard operating procedures for consistently getting private investors to say YES to giving you their capital...
  • Discover the loophole that allows you to SAFELY raise capital from strangers without ever worrying about SEC legalities or legal battles...
  • Josh’s done-for-you “Private Lender Payout” Spreadsheet, so you never have any question about what to do next!


Now that you’ve got all the cash you can handle, it’s time to put that money to work. You’ll discover EXACTLY how I can *consistently* acquire 2-4 homes PER MONTH without EVER spending a dime on marketing.

How do I do this? Here’s a hint... I got my competition to bring me my best deals, so that I never have to find them myself.

Can you imagine having deals constantly flooding your doorstep, ready for you to make $40k per flip? That’s EXACTLY what can happen when you do what I’m about to show you.

You’ll discover...

  • How I can consistently acquire 2-4 homes a month flips without ever spending a dime on seller marketing...
  • How to get your competition (wholesalers) to unload their best properties to you and leave you 98% of the meat on the bone (and generate huge amounts of cash in the process!)...
  • AND how to pull the “no risk, no fail” parachute to opt out of a bad deal, so you’ll NEVER be stuck holding a deal that doesn’t make a ton of money!


Did you know that the entire “time to profit” can be as short as three months? Yes, your first $40k Flip can come in just twelve weeks. I’d be willing to bet that that’s three times what you’ll make at your job in the same amount of time. In this class, we explain exactly how that is possible, and we’ll show you all the work that’s involved in the rehab process, so that you know how to meet expenses, never pay more than you should, and boost each project to its MAXIMUM payday.

You’ll discover...

  • How to get in and out in 12 weeks or less regardless of the project size, and walk away with a check!
  • How to keep contractors honest, ALWAYS get projects done on time, and how to confidently outsource 100% of the work...
  • How to get paid when you BUY and not have to wait to get all your money, so you get money RIGHT FROM THE START!


For the first time EVER, we will spend time looking at your deals in this live class. Yes, we will actually work directly with you on your deals. HECK, we will even PARTNER WITH YOU on the deals that you’ve got if you’d like and split the profits.

PLUS... in this class, you’ll discover how to make sure that all the work gets done on your $40k Flips without your direct involvement, so your deals are increasing in value even while you’re out on the golf course or playing with your kids. We’ll give you all the checklists to make sure that it all gets done.

You’ll discover...

  • How to PARTNER WITH US and use *our* capital on your deals...
  • How to manage a job site even if you have ZERO experience...
  • Our SIMPLE STEP BY STEP CHECKLISTS for getting your property ready for sale...


In Class 8, we reserve the time to go over *even more* of your deals and partner with *even more* of our students. Find the deal of the century? Bring it to the table, and we’ll partner on it. Or, if you’re ready to do it on your own, we’ll walk you through the process and hold your hand through the process until you get the check.

You’ll discover...

  • How to do $40k Flips when you have no trade skills like JOSH.
  • How to hire and outsource all the improvements with confidence.
  • Our simple budgeting and scheduling worksheets that are plug and play. 


Have you ever been afraid of getting “stuck with a house” that you can’t sell? Well, fear no more! In this class, I’ll show you how we have sold houses in 90 MINUTES OR LESS! That’s right... through our proprietary Property Launch Formula, we regularly get our FULL asking price and close the deal in ONE DAY!

We’ll reveal all the details of our Property Launch Formula inside of Class 9.

You’ll discover...

  • The “Ethical Bribe” that gets 40 hungry buyers in your properties every time...
  • The “Total Home Bonus Package” that yanks in offers the first your property is on the market
  • How to GET PAID $4k a month to generate your own buyer leads thru a “marketing services agreement...”
  • AND... how we sell our homes in 90 MINUTES or *less!*

LIVE COACHING CLASS 10 : "GETTING THE $40,000 CHECK" - Tuesday June 23

Ready to collect your cash and get your $40k check? In this Class, you’ll be ready to put it into the bank. But first, we need to go over some simple details to put that payday into your pocket. You’ll also hear as we unpack some student case studies - people who started just like you - and are now putting $40k checks into their pocket. Will you be our next success story after you cash your big check?

You’ll discover...

  • The $40k flips” Closing system that keeps everything automatically in order
  • How to close silky smooth every time so everyone involved is smiling EVEN though they are making far less than you are. 

Mark your calendars NOW for each of these LIVE CLASSES – it is critical that you don't miss a single one!


On top of these 10 LIVE coaching classes, you’ll get access to some incredible bonuses, including:

BONUS #1: Funding & Partnering with Josh for your best qualified big profit deals*   I’ll personally partner with you on your BEST BIG PROFIT 40k Flips Deals and provide you with Deal Review, Partnering & Funding on qualified deals.  Bring me your best big profit deals and lets make money together!

BONUS #2 Strategic Freedom Funding Funds Your “Fix and Flip” Deals

  • Pre-approved For $500,000 + “Fix & Flip” Funding
  • Verifiable $500,000+ Proof Of Funds Letter
  • Purchase + Rehab Up To 65-70% Of A.R.V.
  • 3 – 24 Month Funding
  • Asset Based Funder: No Credit Needed
  • Buy, Rehab And Profit With Little Or None Of Your Own Money!

BONUS #3: UNLIMITED EMAIL and PHONE ACCESS TO THE EXPERTS – During the LIVE classes, you will have unprecedented and unlimited access to Josh Cantwell, Mark Cantwell, Gary Elsmore (President of iPlan Group), Ralph Sherman Esq (Josh’s #1 attorney), Joe Dunson Esq, (Josh’s #2 attorney) Karen Danko (President of Emerald Glen Title who closes Josh’s deals), Roberdo Flanders (Josh’s financial Controller), Jason Schlegel (General Manager of Sharp Concepts Realty) and other $40k Flips experts as we personally answer all your emails, phone calls  and questions.

BONUS #4: “DONE FOR YOU $40K FLIPS PRIVATE CAPITAL POWERPOINT PRESENTATION” – Inside The $40k Flips Coaching Program, Josh reveals exactly how he gets millions of dollars of capital to fund his $40k flips. This cheap, flexible, no income, no asset, no credit check capital is the “workhorse” behind $40k flips. You’ll why it’s so easy to get the capital for $40k flips. The $40k Flips powerpoint and the professional collateral is EXACTLY what Josh personally uses and it’s all done for you!   

BONUS #5: THE $40K FLIPS COACHING FORUM. We are using is a private coaching forum and access will not be shared with the general public. The $40k Flips Coaching Forum is for “insiders only”.  You are automatically in the $40k Flips Coaching Forum upon your enrollment today. “Outsiders” will not have access to the private $40k Flips Coaching forum. 

Thursday June 25

We will close things out by showing you how to *track your cash* and what to do next. By this step in the process, you’ll have your first deal well on its way, and it’s time to start talking about WHERE that cash is going. We’ll dispel all the myths and answer all questions in Module 11.

You’ll discover...

  • The Hidden Write Offs in a $40k flip you can take advantage of right away...
  • What a Balance Sheet and P&L is and why it matters...
  • How the money flows through a 40k flip: From Private Investor... to You... to crews... and to your pocket!


You'll learn..

  • The best buyer loan programs on the market today
  • No Money Down Buyer Loan Programs
  • Rent To Own Programs for Buyers
  • The Power of a Marketing Services (MSA) Partnership
  • How we've generated over 600 HOT NEW Buyers in the past 27 days
  • How to virtually guarantee your buyer closes every time on time.
  • Taught by Josh Cantwell and Mike Bankowksi (President of Purchase Division @ Nations Lending Corporation)


You'll learn..

  • Learn how to get 25+ new buyer leads per day FOR FREE
  • See how to structure a "Marketing Services Agreement" so you can get paid to build your buyers list
  • The scripts and dialogues I personally use and teach to my team to convert online buyer leads into approved buyers who cash out your $40k flips deals
  • Taught by Josh Cantwell


Josh will teach you…

  • How we generate $60,000 and $80,000 profits from CASH COW ALTERNATE EXIT STRATEGIES
  • Learn why selling with owner financing is the way to make the MOST PROFITS with the least amount of hassle
  • Get BIG down Payments, Huge Cash Flow and Massive Back End Profit Checks
  • See how to sell your homes in minutes instead of months

BONUS #10 – LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP TO $40k FLIPS MEMBERS ONLY SITE & RETAKE YOUR CLASSES AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE FOR FREE" - In our members only website, we will give you 24/7 access to all the spreadsheets, systems, contracts, documents, paperwork, The Profit Predictor worksheet, the recorded coaching calls, and all of the PowerPoint presentations.

Your Username is: to be determined once you enroll – check your email inbox
Your Password is: to be determined once you enroll – check your email inbox

How To Get Started Now

$40K Flips
$995 (1-Pay)
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I can’t wait to get started with this training and letting you in on this amazing strategy.

If you have problems accessing the $40k Flips Members website or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our office at or via phone at 1-877-811-3011.

Here's to your success and I look forward to our first session.

Get started now. You’ve never had this much access to real guys doing real deals like these.


We definitely don’t want all out competition to find out about this and use our ideas, so this page will only be up for a couple days. Plus, we only plan on taking 50 investors into the $40k Flips training class and 10 investors at our offices AND 12 spots have already been handed out to Josh’s “Insider Circle”. See below for details on how to enroll now. That’s it. When the spots are full you’ll be locked out.

Better reserve your spot today before this closes down.

Learn All The Secrets To Cashing $40,000 Checks Month after Month From Your Own Home. 

Learn Directly From Josh Cantwell And Mark Cantwell, Master Real Estate Investors.

See Them Reveal The 27 Insider Secrets To Having An Evergreen “Never Changing” $40k Flipping System.

On A Little Known Niche Of Bank and Government Foreclosed and Distressed Homes.

So... you want in??

The way I see it you have two options, you can set yourself on a path to financial freedom or you can disregard the remainder of this letter.


Click the "Add to Cart Button Below and Enroll in $40k Flips.

In addition to the coaching and support detailed above you'll also get:

  • Unlimited Phone and Email Support From Josh And Mark and Our Team for 7 weeks
  • 15 Live Coaching classes to help you implement these dynamic strategies.
  • Done for You Funding Powerpoint and Professional Capital Collateral
  • Real Time Mastermind Forum So You Can Meet And Mastermind With Other $40k Flips Members.
  • Members Only Website With All The Coaching Calls, Contracts, Documents, Spreadsheets, Case Studies, Videos And Audios
  • The $40k Flips Video Training Library

Click the "Add to Cart Button Below and Enroll in 40K Flips now.

$40K Flips
$995 (1-Pay)

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Another $40k Flips Members says

“You can flip a HUD home immediately. The lender to the buyer may have restrictions, but normally, they just require two appraisals at the seller's expense to flip sooner than 90 days. Whenever realtors tell me something contrary to what Josh has said, I just tell them they are wrong about it, and when they check into it, they come back and tell me I'm right. It has given me the status of expert in their minds, and they usually just do what I ask them to because they don't want to get embarrassed again."”

Our Latest $40k Flips Student says:

“I really appreciate the advice and your continued mentorship. Your 40K Flip course is the bomb! My goal is to get a couple deals down so I can get personal coaching from you and John. I am so ready to blow this up with your guidance. Thanks again and keep doing what you do”
~Matt Elam

Want to Know The Best Part About All This?

The Best Part Is, THIS NEVER CHANGES. The $40k flips system is NOT the latest fad or niche that will be out of favor in 12 months. The $40 flips System never changes. It was here 10 years ago, it's here today and it will be here in 20 years from now. How better can you think to completely secure your future?  

So you say this sounds great, but does it really work?

Want proof? No problem…

1297 Steve Drive
$38,000 Profit
2312 Iota
$38,000 Profit
3954 Homestead
$32,000 Profit
1171 Gardner
$41,000 Profit
193 Heights Drive
$37,710 Profit
3331 Myersville Road
$49,000 Profit
8973 Fairpark Road
$41,400 Profit
2093 Conwill
$36,429 Profit
1467 Sunny Acres
$40,400 Profit
3332 Marmore Drive
$19,500 Profit
8973 Melody Lane
$49,000 Profit
Ballash Road
$42,000 Profit
4904 S Hametown
$40,000 Profit
1509 Sunny Acres
$23,000 Profit
4279 Tapper Trail
$24,000 Profit
9760 Ridge Road
$76,000 Profit
6264 W 54th
$24,900 Profit
4034 Manchester
$28,000 Profit
2284 Bailey
$28,000 Profit
5494 S Main
$32,000 Profit

$40K Flips
$995 (1-Pay)
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Quickly let me tell you about our NO RISK, NO FAIL 5 WEEK 110% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

Here we go…

Enroll in the $40k Flips 7 week coaching Program… AND if you are not 110% convinced $40k Flips will work for you we will give you your money back. Simply request your refund within 45 days of purchasing $40K Flips and we will refund your money. We believe that if you just enroll and get on the calls you will finally feel the sense of satisfaction and confidence you have been looking for. And if not, I don’t want your money.

Click the add to cart button below and enroll before the 100 spots are taken.

$40K Flips
$995 (1-Pay)
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Quickly, let me tell you about our POWERFUL
"DO A DEAL, Money Back Guarantee."

So this is the big one…..Here we go….If at any time after you have taken the $40k Flips Course and Gone thru the 13 LIVE classes, closed a $40k FLIPS DEAL. Then just send me your video testimonial, a copy of your profit check, and HUD1 settlement statement and we will SEND YOU BACK YOUR ENTIRE ENROLLMENT FEE. Just send us the video and proof of your deal that we can use in our future marketing materials and we will send you your money back ANY TIME DURING YOUR LIFE.

HOW's that for putting my money where my MOUTH IS. I'm so convinced you will love and enjoy the $40k Flip training and have results I'm willing to let you have the training for free after you close your first deal and tell us about it.

Personal Commitment to Fighting
Pancreatic Cancer thru $40k Flips

As a quick side note, my $40k Flips Team and I have decided to donate 5% of all the proceeds of the $40k Flips Coaching Program to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Pancreatic Cancer has just a 6% survival rate after 5 years. Since I am one of the lucky few survivors I feel compelled to donate money, raise awareness and try anything I can to fight this devastating disease. It’s the only thing I can do in order to help those who are not as lucky as I am. 


We start immediately,


Your $40k Flips mentors

P.S. I feel so confident that The $40k Flips 7 week coaching Program and the fact that it’s the BIG cash money getting system you’ve been looking for that if you decide not to enroll I can honestly say there’s not much else I can do for you. SERIOUSLY! This is your opportunity to turn things around. My Team and I have spent countless hours creating this system for you. We have spent countless hours perfecting it in our own businesses. SEE PROOF ABOVE. If you decide not to enroll I can’t think of any other ways I can help you. If you decide not to enroll you should probably unsubscribe from my members list and follow guys who teach theory and offer a lot of Bullshit. If you want the truth, the facts and you want to change your life enroll now. Otherwise Good Luck...